These diapers are the best! They are easy to use, easy to clean and you can add a pad for extra coverage. They are well made, the sizing is realistic and the patterns are fun. For many of us that love our dogs, they make it easier to provide a great quality of life for the dog and human! I have used these diapers for my dog and for rescues and they are the best ones you will find!

Louisville, Kentucky

Thank you for making such a wonderful product! Our 14 year old Doberman has been wearing hers more and more lately as aging isn't kind to any of us. It's good to know we can keep both her and our home clean. She doesn't even mind wearing it.
Shelly DesChamp
Edmonton, AB
We love Jack and Jill Dog Diapers! Well designed, well made and nice to look at. I have 2 pairs for an incontinent Lhasa Apso and they have held the test of time. Two years of use and no signs of wear or tear. Thanks Filomena for a great product and great service. Nice to buy Canadian as well.

 Alice Fisher
Owner DOGSmart Training
Vancouver, BC

Jack and Jill diapers and belly bands are an effective and convenient solution to unnecessary leaks. They are made with high quality materials and are an environmental friendly, money saving alternative to others on the market. Our customers are thrilled with the easy to fit, fun comfort designs. These are superior to others! 

Ottawa, On

This is our second order. We have a male rescue pug. He is 8 years old and we can’t seem to house break him of his bait of marking EVERYTHING! Your “Jack” belly band is perfect for him. He can go for several months of giving us great signals to go outside and then he relapses and we smell like a kennel! Thank you for your well made product. We love the great price and it’s just what we need!
With gratitude,
Cathy and Brian Paul
Winnipeg, MB

The diaper just arrived and it is really nice, thank you! It fits my pup beautifully.
High River, AB

Hi Filomena, Just received your most excellent products ...thank you they are so well made and just what we need for our 14 yr old terrier who's finding continence a challenge.
Regards Lorraine.
Renfrew, Ontario


zy wearing his belly-band at the My Dogs's Cafe & Bar today; on Locke St in Hamilton Ontario. We are so happy with this item, it gives us piece of mind.
Thanks for another great Belly Band. It arrived today so we popped it on and went to the vet's to be weighed. A great morning!! Watson says "thank you!"
This is my 9 month old cockapoo, Gucci in the diaper.
Thank you,
Brampton, ON

Hi I just wanted to let you know that the diaper arrived and it looks great thank you so much

Needed some diapers for my intact female and came across Jack & Jill's products. The diapers could not be better and the same can be said about their customer service. The fit is great as the dog seems comfy and with added pads, our girl can relax on the couch once again. Thank you!


Hi, here is our June, our 9 month old Old English Sheepdog wearing her new diapers!
I love the quality, the workmanship and fit. Our pup is comfortable and doesn't seem to notice anything is on her body. She runs around comfortably and the water resistant material keeps her dry and clean. Thanks for the great product! Will definitely recommend your diapers!
Gillian and June:)

Our 14 year old Siberian Husky, Tacoma, has been experiencing some incontinence issues for the past several months. Although she receives medication for this reason, she still has some breakthrough leakage. Enter Jack and Jill Dog Diapers! We think we have found the perfect solution to our concern. They are well made, durable and Tacoma seems to be very comfortable wearing them. Also, we received excellent online customer support and expedient shipping.

Many thanks!
Brenda R.
Toronto, Ontario

"We adopted 2 year old Charlie last month. Knowing that rehoming can be a challenge we have come a long way with house training but Charlie continued to mark in the house. One day I jokingly said to my husband that I was going to make a baby diaper for him and that's when I started googling and found jack and jill dog diapers. I purchased the belly bands and they have helped us and Charlie. No more accidents in the house. Thank you Jack and Jill diapers!" 

Kasia McNeil

Thanks for the diapers. They work great for our older female with some incontinence. They fit well and they must be comfortable because she doesn't even seem to notice she is wearing them.
I would definitely recommend your products to others. They are very well made.
Michelle Carrigan
Hamilton ON

Hello I just wanted to let you know that today is Monday Oct 24/2016, I rec'd my order on Friday afternoon. Just so impressed at how quick you processed my order of the XXSmall Female diapers & my receiving them in less than a week!!! They are so cute. And just the perfect size for my Teacup Chihuahua female. I do not have a camera right now to send pics. But as soon as I do, I will send you a few.

Thanks again from, A very Happy, Loyal New Customer
Janet Courcelles

Just received the doggie diaper yesterday.  Put it on with a human pee pad.  I am so glad we got these.  We had suspicions our female was incontinent but could never really confirm it as there was only one time when the puddle was big enough and she was sleeping when it happened, so we knew it was not a question of peeing in the house -- which she is prone to doing as well.  We tried the diaper with the pad and kept it on her all night.  This morning, it had done its job.  We can now confidently tell the vet that yes she is incontinent (she is only 4 years old) and see what our options are.  In the meantime, this will stay on her whenever she is in the house.  Here she is in all her cuteness even though she does not look impressed ... first day only!  Thank you for such a well made product, and getting the one with the tail hole and pretty pattern was worth the extra money.  Well done!
Francyne Dufault-Dick
Victoria Harbour, ON

Hi there this is my second order of Male dog Belly Bands I bought two a week ago for my 14 yr old Bichon, he is so much happier, not licking all the time. Bed is dry, less laundry.
Carol Fine


Thanks so much for the wonderful Belly Band! It a fabulous product and well made. I would highly recommend this product.

I'm looking forward to visiting people and not saying immediately "watch your shoes!" "oh sorry, he got ya...."
Watson 13 months old.


This Male Dog Belly Band is so awesome.. Now my little rescue can mark his territory as much as he likes in the house?
And it doesn't bother Brody at all.
Thank you so much for an amazing product.
Now I can take him to friends and family and not worry about a thing.

Brenda Silvernagle
Saskatoon, SK.


Hello. I just received my dog diapers today and I am so impressed! The quality is excellent and they fit my female bullmastiff perfectly! After searching everywhere in our area and finding nothing big enough to fit our girl, I found Jack and Jill Dog diapers!

Thank you so much for your amazing products, we will definitely be buying more in the future ?
-Sarah Lyon

Ella the Bullmastiff in her new doggy diaper


Hi,This is a picture of our dog Athena loving her new diapers! This is the second time we ordered your diapers and we love them. Great quality, beautiful patterns, and quick delivery. The first one we ordered a couple years ago is still in great condition and amazing! Thank you for the diapers!
Hanna and Dmitry



Dear Filomena,

Thank you so much for your wonderful belts! My problem dog has been wearing the band for the last three days and it has transformed our lives. No more sneaky pee marks in the house! He even waits to have it put on when he comes inside; he feels like a winner with it on!

Words  can't describe how much I love it!

Sherry Parohl

I would just like to say thank you for the belly band and diaper I ordered for my dogs.  They are super soft and stay where they are supposed to.  My male dog is a houdini and he is unable to get the band off.  It's great!  I will definitely recommend your products to others...I actually already have and she placed an order!  Thanks again!

Holly Kushnir

Dear Filomena,
I used belly bands and diapers from pet stores for years, but when I received my package from Jack & Jill, I knew this was going to meet my expectations.Sizes fit perfectly and as soon as I put them on my doggies, they seemed ultra comfy. Plys, they're super cute! I am definitely an happy customer!☺☺

Belly bands and little panties arrived - belly bands fit perfectly!!     Haven't tried the little panties on Polly yet - but they are tiny and I am sure they will fit too.   THANK YOU!!!    They are beautifully done!  

Roberta Malott
Pondside toys
Bourget ON


I cannot praise high enough the understanding of Filomena in my quest to find a diaper for my little Nula, a Ruby King Charles Cavalier who has sadly reached the age of incontinence. The diaper is extremely well made and must be comfortable as Nula has not attempted to take it off! Do ensure that you buy a larger size than you perhaps may think as the insert of a pad does make a difference. However the extra length of the velcro wrap did address this problem in my case.

Thank you most sincerely,

Lavinia Clarke

Another happy customer! .  They fit great!  

 Willie is a very happy little dog with a bad habit impossible to break.  He goes for short walks without it as well as out to the back yard several times in the day.  He sleeps in his belly band and waits for me to put it on before he goes to bed for the night.  He makes it obvious it gives him some sense of security.  Thanks to these belly bands that we all enjoy a normal life.

Hilda & Willie
Port St Lucie, Florida 


I had questions about sizing before ordering, and I received live chat help at nearly 10 p.m. My order shipped incredibly quickly, and within two days, it had arrived. My little dog, Pixie, is at the palliative care stage after a cancer diagnosis. Recently, she lost the use of her back legs and became incontinent, but she's not ready to give up on life just yet. We have tried all kinds of pads and diapers, but she's a pug and none of them fit her properly. Huggies (for human babies) work best but still slid around when moved. I wasn't sure we'd be able to deal with the incontinence on top of everything else. I bought the Print Female Dog Diaper to use as a cover over the diaper. It works beautifully to hold the diaper in place and absorb any leakage that occurs from it. In the mornings, Pixie's bed is dry, she's comfortable, and the Print Female Dog Diaper is in exactly the same place as it was when I put it on her. It's made a huge difference in her care. Thank you.


Here are some pictures of our dog, Lexie, wearing the female diaper in 2xSmall. They shipped and arrived quickly and fit Lexie really well. She quickly adapted to wearing her "Jill" diaper and it looks really cute too! I would recommend Jack & Jill Dog Diapers to anyone in need of doggie diapers!



Sept 23/15


Awesome dog diaper!

I've tried so many brands of dog diapers. These are by far the best. I ordered one last week to try, and it fits my dog perfectly. Very well made, and adorable too! Shipping was fast. Just ordered 3 more. Can't wait to get them.

Williamstown, NJ



Hi, Thank goodness for you and your products...we adopted a golden retriever born with incontinence issues. Your diapers have indeed been a god send. We just add a poise pad and we are good to go. Lucy wears them without issue. They wash very well, workmanship is top notch. Don't know what we would do without them..other brands don't fit nearly as well.. Thanks Filomena for the great product.

Jan and a Lucy
Ancaster, ON

We just received our diapers today, for our yellow lab girl who had surgery for bladder cancer, which resulted in some dribbling issues. The diapers look so sweet on her (we got pink and cheetah!), and they fit her perfectly. Thank you so much for making such a good product. Please know how much you’ve helped us, and her, at a difficult time.
Nancy (and Olive)


I received the diapers and am very pleased with the quality and appearance! My dog is very comfortable wearing them. They fit perfectly and do not fall off. I have been unable to find anything that would stay on her until now. Maggie has urinary incontinence and was so stressed trying to clean up after herself. And we were stressed with the puddles everywhere! Now we can all relax. We put feminine hygiene pads inside the diapers and there are no leaks. Thank you so much for the wonderful product!!

Andrea Roberts
Missouri, U.S.


Just received my belly bands. Simplicity in it’s finest. They came very quickly and I would definitely come back for more.
Thanks for your service.

Myra Moore,
Maryland, U.S.


Hi Filomena,

Received the diapers today thanks. So pleased with them. Tired other ones and she managed to get them off and these have.stayed on.

Thanks Linda
Curve Lake ,Ontario



Hi Filomena,

Just to give you some feedback: the diapers are an excellent fit for my little dog. They look snug and cute on her !
Thank you very much. I will order more and talk to others about your product.

Have a nice day,


Hi there,

I just wanted to say I just purchased your dog diaper from Ren’s Pet Depot in Burlington Ontario. I am so happy! I couldn’t find anything that worked for my girl since she is so big. Not only do these fit so well, they seem to have made her happier! She seems much more comfortable now! So thank you :)



We just received the Female Diapers and Belly Bands they are wonderful,The quality is top notch.
We look forward to being able to make another order soon!

Paws N Effect Canine Training Center
36 Corporate Ridge
Hamden, Ct 06514


Hi Mrs. Putrus this is Karie peters again. I wanted to let you know that I received the dog diaper on Friday. I absolutely LOVE it. You have made mine and my families life so much easier. Me and my Isabelle ( American bulldog ) thank you soo much!!

Syracuse,New York



We have purchased Jack & Jill belly bands as well as the diapers and have done so since she opened her online shop several years ago. Her goods are awesome! The material is as well and the fit is always perfect for our dogs. A big thank you Fil for your work and especially for your incredibly fast delivery!

Ray & Judy Bohnert
Equinox Kennels
Keremeos, BC



I ordered 2 belly bands from Filomena for my small male “territorial marker”. I have always had two large dog at a time my whole adult life, and never encountered this problem. Because I am now in my 70’s I needed a small dog whom I could handle easier. Did not know what I was getting into. My life has been so upsetting and frustrating. I could barely stand it. I loved my little guy and he is so devoted to me. He can’t bare to have me out of his sight. Come along Filomena’s belly bands and now we have a peaceful and happy home. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

White Rock. BC



Hello Filomena,

So thrilled at the arrival of my little chi Zoe’s new diapers earlier this week! Wow, I am so impressed with the fast shipping, but also amazed at the high quality of craftsmanship and the attention to fine detail in these diapers. The fit is perfect for Zoe’s little 5 pound body; she seems to be positively quite pleased in them.

Not only are these patterns pretty and whimsical, but more importantly, these diapers do their job…highly functional and fun! Thank you for your all-star customer service and your masterful contribution to making dogs everywhere, (and their humans!) more happy and comfortable! I will definitely be telling my friends and relatives about your wonderful products and friendly service.

Warm Regards,
Michelle and Zoe
St. Petersburg, FL USA



Ellie’s doggie diaper came in the mail today!  It is very well made. There is so much attention to detail. Even the stitching is pretty. The tail hole has double stitching to keep it from fraying. The diaper fits very well all around. It doesn’t bunch up anywhere. It’s snug under the tail. It is also made out of a soft, pleasant feeling material. Thanks for making such a great product!

Magda Wilde
Woodstock, ON



We’ve ordered a diaper for our 2,5 years old rottweiler Athena. When she is in heat, it is hard to keep our house clean. We’ve tried disposable diapers (she takes them off in no time), and even girl’s(!) swimsuits but she was so uncomfortable! Finally, we bought Jack & Jill female dog diaper. It is awesome! The material is great, it fits her perfectly. Athena loves it, she happily stands still while we put it on her. Also, thanks for the incredible fast delivery!

Hanna & Dmitry
Thornhill, Ontario


Jack and Jill diapers and belly bands are an effective and convenient solution to unnecessary leaks. They are made with high quality materials and are an environmental friendly, money saving alternative to others on the market. Our customers are thrilled with the easy to fit, fun comfort designs. These are superior to others!
Ottawa, On



My Luna has been wearing her Jack & Jill dog diaper with a tena pad inside for almost a week. She seems comfortable and flaunts it like a bikini model!

Sarnia, ON



Hi,  I had a dog kennel some 12 years ago and used “jjdiapers” in my breeding program. This would have been back in 2000.

I still use the diapers for my dogs now that are having a hard time with house training.  The velcro on the diapers are still working, even after all these years and all the washings.  These diapers are well made and will last you a long time!!! They are also reasonably priced for any budget.  I would recommend these diapers to anyone with a kennel or with a dog that is having trouble with continence.  Way to go Fiomena,  awesome!!!!!!!!

Lorrie Reichert



I recently ordered 2 belly bands for my senior Great Dane Sanka.  I could not have been more pleased.
I received them in a timely manner, they were very well made, and extremely well priced.
I will definitely shop from jack&jill again, and recommend to friends.

Ajax, Ontario


I’m a return buyer on Jack & Jill’s female dog diapers. As the owner of a large intact dog, it’s impossible to find anything that fits right at regular pet stores. Their version of size large definitely tends to max out at a 60lb dog. The one time I did use store brand diapers I had to actually cut the tail hole to make it large enough to accommodate my girl, the velcro wore out after two washes and they were just ill-fitting and very stain-prone. Then I found J&J Diapers and what a HUGE difference I found with this brand. The sizes are spot on, the tail hole fit perfectly and the mesh lining makes all the difference. These are top quality products, especially for such a reasonable price, and I love that the velcro is cut nice and thick which allows for a secure (and comfortable!) fit every time. They wear so well – even with nearly daily washings during a heat cycle. The velcro still latches perfectly. I really can’t recommend them enough, especially if you have a hard-to-fit dog or anything larger than a border collie. I also love that they are made in Canada. You can see the time and care that has been put into making these products – I was so impressed when I got my first order in the mail. On both occasions I’ve ordered from J&J, my questions were answered literally within minutes. The customer service is fantastic. Buy with confidence – you won’t go wrong!
Ontario, Canada



Greta’s diaper arrived yesterday and it’s beautiful and so well made.  The black and white doggie bone pattern looks great against her schnauzer gray! You offer a wonderful product for all of us who have fur babies who need additional assistance. Thanks for your kindness in answering my questions and filling my order so quickly.



We love Jack and Jill Dog Diapers! Well designed, well made and nice to look at. I have 2 pairs for an incontinent Lhasa Apso and they have held the test of time. Two years of use and no signs of wear or tear. Thanks Filomena for a great product and great service. Nice to buy Canadian as well.

Alice Fisher
DOGSmart Training Vancouver BC


I have been a customer for a couple of years now. I have bought doggie diapers and now a belly band.
They are Canadian made of good quality and much cheaper than you can purchase them in the outlet stores.
Cute too!

Karen Hill


Hello,I just wanted to send a note to say we were very happy when we recieved the 2 belly bands for our 13 yr.old Otto.The bands are very well made and the stitching is awsome.Its a real quality product.exactly what we were looking for Otto.As the senior dogs age its very comon for leaking for both male and female.Otto does alot of socializing at other peoples homes so this product is just wonderful for just in case.There is also a great selection of patterns also.I have a home grooming business and I will be recomending the Jack and Jill products to my clients with senior dogs, puppies and other dogs with marking problems. Thank you so much for your wonderful product, it is very comfortable and I also look COOL!!


Jack & Jill Diapers products are easy to use, economical and Canadian made.

They have sold much better than the other brand I once carried and look much nicer too.
Customers have commented much the same on the products.
They are well worth considering for your store over any others.

Justin McClenaghan
Global Pet Foods
Cobourg, Ontario


 “Even though Brodie’s  housebreaking has remained top-notch or 15 years, over the past couple of years our darling old girl had gradually started to leak her urine.  Medication helped for awhile but as the problem got worse increasing the pills caused a painful infection  and it was necessary to go back to the old dosage.  I purchased doggie diapers from the pet store, but found that they were constricting to her and would not stay on.  As I perused the web looking for a dog diaper solution I came across Jack and Jill  Dog Diapers.  The company name prompted me to open up the site?  The description of the product sounded good and the photos of the “lady” diapers prompted placing an order.  The package arrived in 48 hours.  I am extremely pleased with the results.  The diapers look very nice on her, they fit well,  I use a panty liner in them and have noted no leakage and they have not fallen off. The bonus is that after an outing she does not hide but comes willingly to have them put back on as she has no problem walking or laying comfortably while wearing them.  They wash well and are a well made Canadian product. I have since ordered 2 more pair in the stunning Cheetah print.  Thank you for solving our problem as the alternative was unacceptable”




 Zeeva’s diaper arrived today and it looks GREAT!!  I love the material!!
Thank you so much for making and sending so quickly.

Pender Island, British Columbia



I received my doggy diapers today and they are beautiful. Already saved me cleaning up a mess this morning…thanks! I will most likely be ordering more in the near future and will make sure to pass your cards around to my vet and local pet stores.

take care Shayne
Timmins, Ontario



I just received the doggy diaper – it’s exactly what I wanted! It’s well made and it fit my dog perfectly.
I have tried numerous brands of dog diapers and I have to say yours are the best yet!
I will be ordering more and recommending them to others.

 Thank you.
Nepean, Ontario


“We are doing whatever we can to care for our Labrador Retriever in his senior years.  After our Vet recommended using a belly band on our 13 1/2 senior “fur” citizen as he was “dribbling” on the floor periodically between trips outside, we searched the internet and found JJ Diapers.  We were pleased to support a Canadian supplier and are very grateful for these well made bands that are reasonably priced.  They answered our questions promptly, processed the order efficiently and shipped right away!  They are easy to use, easy to wash and the dog transitioned to using them very quickly.  It makes life simpler knowing that we no longer have to scramble to clean up wet spots on the hardwood flooring.    If you have experienced this issue with your pet, we highly recommend JJ Diapers and their belly bands as you transition into this part of life’s journey with your senior dog!


Thanks JJ Diapers!

Wes Williams”


The lovely Petra in her new jungle print female diapers. She looks super hip and trendy in her new styles.
Petra has been using Jack and Jill diapers for going on 5 years or so now and we love them so much we had to buy 3 more pairs. Her first two would still be going strong if I hadn’t lost a pair. Always want a back up so you can have one on while one is in the wash.
These garments wash great and wear well without slipping or coming off after all theae years. I do recommend Jack and Jill to anyone who will listen.
The new pairs I got are even better as the velcro has been extended in order to ensure a more secure fit. Petra wears these easily and they must be comphy because she never tries to take them off. What a couch and lap saver!

Will use for all my sexy bitches, thanks for making a reliable, CANADIAN, product.
I recommend the no tail hole design for Frenchies, they fit to a T!

Julia and Petra, Saskatoon SK




Thanks – they are the best Diapers I’ve ever seen!

She is perfectly comfortable in them and they don’t fall off!
Finally our little dog can have the run of the house without me worrying!  And she looks so cute!
It’s great to find these, because some people love their dogs but can’t keep them because of house training.
This solves the problem!

Tonya Wellington
Penn Valley
, California


Hi,  I wanted to thank you for a great product.  I recently adopted a little female pug (Ebony) who’d lived the first five years of her life in the freedom of a kennel. She did not know about how to live in a house so she peed whenever the urge struck. I used the diapers with a Tena pad to help her learn how to control her bladder. That with a regular outside schedule and lots of positive reinforcement has left her pretty much house broken. Now I just use the diaper when we go visiting.  And she looks incredibly cute in them too.



In my search for diapers for my large Female Black Russian Terrier I  finally came across a source for them After talking with Filomena…. she kindly helped me with my order and I had the diapers with in 2 days .Im very happy with these  diapers.
They are very  well made (handmade by Filomena  herself ) have pretty designs and fit  very well .
I will be ordering more !!

Lillian Mederak.
New Liskeard Ontario,Canada


Hi I forgot to tell you the diapers arrived Monday – Thank-you for getting them here so quick! They are fantastic and they fit her perfectly! I love the patterns they are too cute!! I found them very easy to get on and they seem very comfortable for her, and they stay on!! I am very pleased with your product and I am telling all my friends! Good luck to you!  Thanks again!!

Robin & Molly the Great Dane



Thank you Jack & Jill for your beautifully crafted doggie diapers! As a Rottweiler breeder, it can be messy having Girls living in the house.
Your diapers are the best fit by far, so my girlies wear them proud!!

Hamilton, Ontario


Jack and Jill belly bands have been a lifesaver for me!  I foster for a local rescue, so have new dogs coming to stay with my own three dogs on a regular basis.  Many times the fosters are not house-trained and with all the dogs coming in and out marking behavior is also common.  I tried belly bands from the large chain pet stores but my dogs hated them and ended up pulling them off every time.  JJ belly bands are comfortable for the dog yet snug enough that there are no leaks.  When my male fosters first arrive, JJ belly bands are the first priority!

Customer service is excellent….when I email questions or input orders the response time is phenomenal!  Filomena is so helpful and always very pleasant to work with!  I’d recommend JJ belly bands to anyone!!

Jeanine Skendzel


We LOVE our dogs new diapers.  We will shop again!! Thank you for making such a great product right here in Canada. 
Kind Regards,
Dan and Joanne



Writing from Switzerland, my English is no the best, but I would like to congratulate Filomena for her products. I ordered belly bands and diapers and the parcel was here some days later! An absolutely quick service, I must say. I can see that the products are made with love and good sense, solid, beautiful and with variability of tissues. I will recommend this very good shop to all my Havanese and Bolognese owners’ friends, as well as other dog owners.

Marguerite Seeberger from Switzerland



Happy Customers !

My little 5 lb dog  Zippy was attacked by a big dog, and her back was broken..  After 6 hr spinal surgery, she never fully recovered.  Her back legs are very weak, but, she plays and enjoys life.. She does not even know she is incontinent. She would be playing and leaving a trail.. For a period of time, I think she enjoyed life more then my husband and I, because, we could not find a diaper that fit her. Other diapers, would fall off, or they did not allow her to walk.. Every time I turned around  her diaper would be off and she was peeing. Peeing on us, as we race to take her out side. Peeing when we picked her up or put her down….This was not easy on our marriage, or Zippy .  We went as far, to buy a sewing machine, and I spent hours, trying different ways to create a diaper that would work for us. I hired a seamstress to come to my house and help me with diapers.. Zippy needed freedom of movement in her hind legs. It needed to be washable, stretchable, adjustable, and have a Large opening around the tail, so the little Tootsie rolls could go out.  After figuring out what would  almost work, I would spend Hours, and more hours, trying to sew One diaper..   Then I heard about, Jack and Jill Diapers.  They are the best on the market.. They have a diaper that does everything we need.. I bought one, used it for a month, so happy, i have ordered 3 more.. Unbeatable Product and Price.. Best money spent, in a  long while..  Now what to do with the sewing machine..


Zippy’s mom,

Sandy Register
Nicolaus, California



Dear Filomena,

Got our products today for my three pups! All fit perfect and look amazing!
It’s very clear the time you put into your work as they are all of very good
craftsmanship and quality. The fit is so perfect, they’re just snug enough
without being the least bit uncomfortable for them. This is day one and
they’re all sleeping like babies with them on. The poise pads fit in VERY
well too, which was something I wondered about.

Thank you so much for your immediate help on order day. It was refreshing to
actually speak directly to someone at the exact time I wanted to. You
answered all my questions and concerns which I really appreciated.

It will be such a relief to go to bed tonight without the worry of what mess
I will wake up to. That comfort is priceless!

I will keep you posted on how it’s going. Again thank you so much! I will be
ordering more very soon!!!




Hi Filomena,
In the past I have ordered diapers from you, I will be reordering again as they are the best quality I found on the market 

Best regards,
From: Belgium


Hello Filomena,

just want to say thanks, its been a while that I ordered the belly bands for my dogs a couple of years, Im going to order a new one soon, but just wanted to tell you, your belly bands are super, and it works.


Hi Filomena,

Received the shipment today, and am very happy with the product!  My pug
Benny looks like he’s wearing a camo cummerbund
thank you for being so speedy, much appreciated!



Today I received the belly bands and I have to say I just love them.   I put one on male dog  as soon as I got home…..and he didn’t mind it at all  He is now free to run around the house in absolute delight!  He also sleeps like a baby all night, in total comfort…..So far not one a single accident.  They are so easy to put on and take off when he goes in and out of the house.  My dog was a terrible territorial marker, but now we have no worries. Thank you so very much.  these are the best Belly Bands I have every seen and bought  I also wanted to thank you for the speedy customer service and delivery.

By far the very best purchase I have made this year!



I wanted to let you know that  we’ve tried all the other brands of diaper that are out there and from all over and yours fit the best by far!  Our little dog actually likes wearing them so much and doesn’t try to take them off. Your product is so well made you can see the pride that you have in making this product I will passing along your site to everyone that I know and I too will be  ordering more.

Thanks for a great product!




Dear Filomena,

I would like to thank you for your great product well made, great pricing and the most amazing customer service,
you have gone above and beyond!

I will not hesitate to purchase from you again and I will be recommending your products to my family and friends.

Once again thank you,

Susan ,



I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful doggie diapers. (aka “pretty pants” or “party pants” in our house).  Our rambunctious two-year-old puppy ‘Jazmin’ (the brown one in the attached photo) has kidney problems and will have accidents in her sleep.  We’ve tried all the other brands and yours fit the best by far! She actually likes wearing them so much our other dog, ‘Amiya’ (who doesn’t need them), got jealous and we had to put a pair on her as well,I’m sure we will be ordering more.


Sally and “Jazmin



The panties arrived! They’re  very pretty and well made with  contrasting stitching.  The  extra piece of velcro on the back of the waist band  holds excess width is something I’ve not seen before. We used to have to pin those pieces down. I’d like to add that the customer service is great because I initially ordered the wrong size based on weight without considering my girls length and Filomena was kind enough to send me a replacement at no charge. I’m looking forward to ordering her belly bands in the future. Thanks Filomena!

Richmond Hill,Ontario



Filomena….I received the three belly bands from you yesterday…………….I am out of my mind crazy in love with them.  And I put one on Winnie (my lil chinese crested man) as soon as I got home…..He loves it, like he just got a new outfit.  He ran around the house in absolute delight! Happy happy and he slept like a baby all night, in total comfort…..So far not a single accident.  They are so easy to put on and take off when he goes in and out of the house.  Winnie is six years old and a terrible territorial marker, especially since we brought home another male, a doby puppy.

Thank you so very much.  I think your product may very well save my hardwood floors, my lungs and my sanity!.

Cheers and, the very best purchase I have made in years!



Danielle Bavay This is Bella my foxhound with a jj diaper on that goes very well with her collar…She’s happy and I am very happy !!!


” I have to say I have a really good dog which I am blessed with; however, his marking territory habits are driving me bonkers. I have tried EVERYTHING out there and nothing has worked.
I even tried the regular belly band products in most of the pet stores and they are awful, they don’t fit him well and don’t work the way they should. So in one of my many attempts to find a solution I came across Jack and Jill Dog Diapers website, I ordered 2 belly bands for my doggie and a week later I was ordering 2 more. I don’t find pee all over the place anymore, I am at peace and so is my doggie.
The products are amazing, great quality and great price, they are easy to wash and easy to put on and off.  I have recommended them to friends and family. Thank you Filomena for coming up with this great idea””

Moira Harris



Love these doggie diapers, I give them to my new babies as they go to there new homes, I use them all the time and even the belly bands are the BEST money can buy and so easy to throw in the washing machine when dirty. I have a bitch in heat right now and the diaper works great. Try them if you haven’t, I promise you will like them.



Tiki LOVES her new diaper!!! The custom fit is SO much more comfortable compared to the generic box store kinds! Can’t wait to try out the matching Belly Band for my little boy now too! I can now bring my “babies” EVERYWHERE without having to be worried about any embarrassing accidents! My order was super fast, wonderful quality and I was given such PHENOMENAL customer service!!! I look forward to doing business with you again and telling everyone about your amazing products! Thank you Jack & Jill Diapers!!! 


 I have tried all kinds of belly bands and diapers for my yorkies but these are by far the BEST.

Since I let all 6 of my Yorkie’s run the house the have been a real life saver, and I don’t have to worry about them wetting my floors.  Now with the new smaller straps on the belly bands my husband even likes them much better.  To anyone that has never tried your belly bands and diapers they sure are missing out on the BEST ever made. L now will buy extra ones to go with my babies as they leave me to go to there new homes as a gift to the new owners.

Thanks for a wonderful product that you really take the PRIDE in making

King’s Yorkie’ s in Virginia

Pat King



OMG, I revived the package this afternoon and I was not expecting it until Tuesday at the earliest!! Thank you and I will absoutly recommend you to other breeders. They were a perfect fit, perfectly designed,  and I heard about your company from a whippet breeder friend of mine.

Sariena Foley
Regaila Great Pyrenees


“Jack and Jill Diapers have provided my dog with a quality of life and comfort after surgery for a ruptured disc.  Pudge, my beagle suffered nerve damage and was incontinent.  These diapers allow her the freedom to run around the house and not have accidents.   The fit and quality are outstanding, they are easy to put on and they easily accommodate a liner pad.  Washing is easy and they dry within an hour.  I can enjoy having Pudge around without accidents and it’s made my life a whole lot easier.”