Male Belly Band – Orange Tie Dye Style #2

695 - 695

This Belly Band Print  is made from left over Fabric  which is the PUL on the outside and a Mesh on the inside which is the fabric that we use on our Female Dog Diapers.We just don't like to throw away any Fabric if we can make it work for  someone who would like to try the Belly bands and don't want to spend a whole lot of money then these are prefect. 

Your dog won't care about the print !

This snuggle fit Belly Band wraps around your dogs body and covers his belly and should be used with a disposable absorbent pad as they are not waterproof.
You should not leave the Belly Band on all the time. Simply take it off when he needs to relieve himself OUTSIDE !

Belly Bands are not meant to worn constantly, but rather as an aid when you want to allow your dog inside the house without the headache of keeping a constant eye on him making sure he doesn't pee on your furniture.
Older dogs often become incontinent and a belly band is an excellent method to prevent urine dribbles on your floor and carpet.

*please note that trim colour and Velcro may vary in each product!

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