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Jack & Jill Dog Diapers & Belly Bands have been providing dogs and their owners with compassionate care, comfort and coverage since 2005.   Our products provide top quality, comfortable fit and protection for females (diapers) and males (belly bands).  Jack and Jill Dog diapers are Canadian made by Filomena & her husband who are very passionate about  pets and understand the importance of quality of life and sharing good times with your dogs -  whether you have a puppy in training, a female dog in heat, a male dog marking their territory or a senior dog with health issues.  

Our years of experience help customers find the correct size and fit.  We sell our products globally and our customers provide excellent feedback.  Our custom sizing, environmentally friendly material and easy fit will help you and your dog continue to enjoy quality of life.  Jack & Jill Dog Diapers is the place!