How Belly Bands Work

How Belly Bands Work

Male Dog Wraps or Belly Bands are used for marking or incontinence in male dogs.A Belly Band is placed around a dog’s belly just in front of his hind legs.

A Belly Band fits over a dog’s penis and is used in conjunction with adult incontinence pads (Poise, Attends, etc.). The light pressure on the dog’s belly is often discomfort enough to discourage a dog lifting his leg and marking. If a dog does mark the urine is trapped in the pad which you just dispose of, avoiding messy cleanups.

Another advantage is that dogs don’t usually like feeling wet so wearing a Belly Band can curb or eliminate this behaviour altogether.

Use Belly Bands when visiting-especially a place with other animals, with a new baby or pet in the house, changes in your routine or if you have a female dog in heat.

Belly Bands are also perfect for older dogs with incontinence or near the end of puppy training.

It should be noted that use of Belly Bands and Diapers does not necessarily prevent dogs from trying to breed. Use other precautions.

Our Belly Bands are machine washable for bigger messes. Change pads at regular intervals to avoid rashes.
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