Collection: Washable Pads

Washable pads for added absorbency. Add extra protection to your diapers and belly bands.

These reusable pads are great for those times where extra protection against dog  is needed.

These pads have a total of 6 layers of fabric which makes them very absorbent and by wicking away the moisture from your dogs body.

We have been told that these work well in the day and evening time...but it all depends on the dog so you may want to use a disposable at night time!

              Pads were tested an approved buy a few of our customers!!

Pads will stay inside the Diaper and Belly band well without anything extra, but I have attached a  strong Velcro tab on the pad along with the Velcro for you to attached to the diaper or Belly band if you wish the Velcro has double-sided tape to hold them more securely in place. With the double sided tape that will help keep the pad in place as permanently as possible due to heat of your dryer. 


        ** Always wash pads separate from diapers or belly bands!!

We have put together a video of how to place the pads in the Diaper or Belly Band please go to the page of which pad you order to view the video!!

***For the correct sizing please order the size of the Diaper or Belly band that you need the pads for and I will sent out the pad that will fit the item ordered.